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June 25, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores

This has nothing to do with Paper Crafting but it was so funny I just had to share.  My daughter has two of her good friends visiting for a few days.  They decided to make smores enclosed in chocolate chip cookie dough! It smells incredible and they swear it is the yummiest thing EVER!  Here are some photos:

First, you make your smores - but cut the marshmallow in half and leave the top graham cracker off.

Cookie Smores 1
Next, wrap the smores in chocolate chip cookie dough and place them in a pyrex dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray and Bake for about 15-20 min at 350.
Cookie Smores

The marshmallows and chocolate squares melt inside the cookie!

Cookie Smores 2

Here's a picture of the inside of the cookie.  Believe me, the photo does it NO justice!

HCookies Smores inside
This is my favorite picture of all!  The elapsed time is TWO MINUTES!!!!!  These girls usually eat really well and exercise!  Ridiculous!

Cookie Smores gone


Thanks, Ingrid! I'm not a big smores fan but the kids loved them!

Wow - these look amazing!!! :)

haha - the girls loved them!

Oh my goodness - those look heavenly!

Enjoy, Sara! They're kinda messy though and they use TONS of cookie dough!

Making these on Saturday for a party I have to go to! Yum!

haha - They made them for themselves! You should send him over! LOL! He can "Bake with the Cheerleaders!"

Ahh, jeez, I made the mistake of showing Lucas (my 18yr old son) the pictures of he won't leave me alone without complaining what a bad mom I am for not making them right now for him! What was I thinking!

LOL! I know! They were RIDICULOUS! Have you heard of "Slutty Brownies?" They are chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom, then a layer of whole oreo cookies, they a layer of brownies! Then, there are "Brookies" which are brownies with spoonfuls of chocolate cookie dough dropped onto them so that when they bake, there are marbled cookies throughout the brownies!!!!! See...paper crafting is not my only obsession! LOL

Those cookies look amazing. Definitely keeping this in mind to make with my kids during our upcoming summer holidays. Thanks for sharing.

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